interieur3Tamara Abel, born in 1963 in Zagreb, attorney-at-law since 1991

Hrvoje Grenac, born in 1966 in Zagreb, attorney-at-law since 1998, also court interpreter for Italian

Andrej Ležaić, born in 1981 in Zagreb, attorney-at-law since 2008

The Abel & Grenac Law Firm practitioners speak English, Italian, German and Slovenian.

The Firm offers integrated services in connection with company formation, temporary head office and company management, as well as those dealing with legal due diligence.

The Firm provides its clients with relevant and appropriate legal information concerning the investments in the Republic of Croatia.

The Abel & Grenac Law Firm practitioners have participated in a large number of professional seminars and conferences, for instance those relating to transaction insurance, trade arbitration, current and future activities of the UNCITRAL relating to international trade arbitration, corporate taxation, which took place in Italy, Austria and Germany.