Established as a company in 2000, the Abel & Grenac Law Firm builds on legal practice of the Joint Law Office of Tamara Abel and Hrvoje Grenac, members of the Croatian Bar Association since 1991 and 1998.

Tamara Abel’s professional activity is almost entirely dedicated to civil law and individual clients, while Hrvoje Grenac remains focussed on trade law, company law, tax law and legal aspects of foreign investments in the Republic of Croatia.

The fundamental principle of the firm is putting the client’s interest first while complying strictly with professional code of ethics and deontology. Since most of our clients are actually foreign companies, basic principles of the Abel & Grenac Law Firm’s approach include efficiency and promptness, with avoidance of court proceedings, except for some extreme cases, which ensures the protection of our clients’ important interests.

Lawyer Dominik-Stjepan Janković, associated with the Abel & Grenac Law Firm by the Association Agreement signed on 25 January 2012, is mainly orientated towards criminal law and consequently towards criminal law practice in the context of business activities.